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One day, maybe, hopefully, you lose that ignorant attitude.

most of you artists had it made here in but what happened was you all got too greedy and kept going for more free money, you wrote.

By the way, my hands hurt from typing.


Given that your opinion is no doubt based on verifiable research and available to all upon request, I say bravo to you and your fellow and liberty activists for bringing this blight to the attention of taxpayers.

As an artist living in , and as recipient of two culture grants in the past two years (totalling a very small $2,500), I feel it it my duty to vocalize my thoughts and defend other artists like myself who have worked their Adidas Pants Kids Girls

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

I absolutely disgusted with your column and I think you wrote it without knowing all the facts.

Aside from that show, I working on recording an album and using my awarded grant money to assist me in the budget. Considering my budget for the album (not by choice) is Adidas Jacket Men Black

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

My show, which seeks out local performers, cost me just over $7,000 last year and by the time I recouped from my ticket sales, I just barley broke even.

roughly $13,000, $2,500 helps quite a bit.

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

Your argument seems to fluctuate wildly between the two, leaving me no choice other than to assume that all artists are earning this amount.

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

Perhaps I should explain to you a basic breakdown of a show that I produce, with my own money, in which I work 45 plus hours a week in order to afford to do it.

It is rare to read such an intricate understanding of how economic investment works. In spite of all studies to the contrary, Paolo Fabrizio has managed to discover that the arts in no way benefits your community.

Kudos to you for writing this article, in spite of the fact that your are still in pain from all the work I Maroon Adidas Jacket

asses off in this city to help, promote, build confident artists and give them an opportunity to showcase their talents to the community.

I do it because I love it, and I do it because I trying to do something great for and it artists who, like me, get spit on by people like yourself every day.

I could print you a list of over 100 shows I have done in this community for charity, for free, and of course for fun. You don see me writing a column blasting or harassing locals who stand in front of my stage, enjoy my show and then take off without leaving a dollar in my hat.

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

(Re: cultural grants makes much sense in the May 16 edition of the Examiner)

Yeah, my hands hurt, too!

Excuse me?

had to do this week to support the starving artists in this city. are an inspiration to us all.

Maybe I should write a column.

´╗┐Column writer has no facts

Truth is, what goes around, comes around. Go ahead, pull the money from the artists. As the saying goes, you don know what you got it gone.

Every penny I have ever taken, I put right back. Last October I put on a concert at the Georgian Theatre in support of Simcoe Hospice. I recall that rental cost from the city was roughly $1,500. The talent show I produce and ticket sales get split 50/50 with the city. In the past two years, the city has made over $5,000 from my productions to support and sustain things like the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts and the MacLaren Art Centre.

I am, however, still a bit confused as to Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White where your diatribe is aimed.

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

Are you most angry at low paid artists or city staff making over $100,000 a year?

Nike Vapormax Plus Triple White

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