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Nike Vapormax Knit

Gunn also admitted creating the false references after Hadrian Car Panels fired him. He used the references Adidas Women Pullover

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On sentencing Gunn presiding Recorder Philip Kramer said he had committed a serious offence, but credited him for his previous years of good character.

Nike Vapormax Knit

Nike Vapormax Knit

to apply for a job with the Northumberland County Blind Association.

secured work in Alnwick on the Duke of Northumberland's Estates.

"It was a high breach of trust by an employee specifically trusted with wages."

months, Gunn gave himself an extra 400 in his pay cheque while working as the company accountant for Hadrian Car Panels.

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He added that the offences were a "blip" born out of desperation after Gunn found himself in debt.

Nike Vapormax Knit

Nike Vapormax Knit

Defending, Tony Cornberg said Gunn felt "regret, remorse and ultimately shame" for his actions.

"It came to light after a comparison between the bank account statements and the internal records. It was unlikely to fool the auditor for long, but was discovered by another employee before then.

The court heard that Gunn would be able to pay compensation having Adidas Hoodie Yellow Tnt

A decision on compensation was adjourned for the prosecution to investigate Gunn's finances under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Nike Vapormax Knit

"He is also someone with a clear work ethic," said Mr Cornberg.

Nike Vapormax Knit

The court heard how, over the space of seven Adidas Womens Jacket

Nike Vapormax Knit

And at Newcastle Crown Court last Thursday, Peter Gunn (44), of East Brizlee, Hulne Park, Alnwick, was sentenced to a 12 month community order with a requirement to complete 120 hours unpaid work after admitting two counts of fraud and creating false references.

´╗┐Community order for fraudster

"One can see how quickly he wanted to bounce back from this and find employment. This can be shown in the Nike Vapormax Knit lengths he went to, although illegal, to do that."

Nike Vapormax Knit

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