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The RCMP Adidas Men Jacket 2017

Indeed, bald tires and other defective equipment on vehicles could be blamed for some accidents.

´╗┐Collisions don't happen

While speed, impaired drivers, defective equipment and road and weather conditions may all contribute to collisions, the RCMP reminds us this week that, "most motor vehicle collisions are avoidable and are caused by inattentive driving."

When the fog is so thick you can't see 50 feet beyond the bumper, some drivers barrel on through, as if the sun was shining to melt the asphalt and they could Adidas Training Suit

Then there is inclement weather, such as rain, drizzle and fog, and road conditions, including ice, snow and those infamous ruts in pavement. When filled with water, they can cause vehicles to hydroplane out of control.

As far as drivers heeding such sound advice, the chance of them actually putting it into practice would be laughable if it weren't so serious, and the consequences of ignoring it so fatal.

Sounds like common sense! Sounds logical enough!

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In one case, where a car went out of control and left Veterans Memorial Highway, a local fire chief told The Compass, the tires on the vehicle were "as bare as a baby's bum."

Warning drivers to "always reduce speed in adverse weather, and always be aware of other vehicles and pedestrians before moving your vehicle," the Community Policing Officer suggests: "These two simple things will help you avoid being involved in a collision."

and other seasoned law enforcement agencies will tell Nike Vapormax Gold Swoosh you, "weather and road conditions do not cause collisions. It is the driver's responsibility to adjust their driving habits to those conditions."

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Nike Vapormax Gold Swoosh

And anyone who drives the TCH or any other highway can tell you that, even if you are clipping along at 110 or 120 clicks, other drivers will pass you as though you were parked.

Drivers who go 130 kph only make it to their destinations a mere few minutes ahead of those who keep the speed limit. Yet they routinely risk their own lives, and the lives of their passengers and other people on the highway for the sake of those measly few minutes.

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Nike Vapormax Gold Swoosh

Now it's easy to point the finger of blame at these and other factors as the cause of motor Adidas Shorts Womens Grey

But how many of us heed and practice the art of logic while driving our highways?

When it comes to speed, it seems all the automotive engineers in the world couldn't design a motor vehicle that could go fast enough for some drivers.

vehicle collisions. But, in the end, they are all lame excuses for the real cause of collisions that are preventable and avoidable.

And no highway engineer could ever design a highway on which such vehicles could be operated safely at such speeds.

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Nike Vapormax Gold Swoosh

Nike Vapormax Gold Swoosh

see for miles totally oblivious to other traffic (transport trucks) and those ubiquitous moose, who are equally oblivious to where they are.

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If drivers like speed that much, perhaps it's not a highway they need at all. Perhaps it's a runway! Maybe it's not a driver's licence they need. Maybe it's a pilot's licence. And a vehicle with wings, if they are in that much of a hurry to get wherever it is they are headed.

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That's among some of the sound advice Const. John Clarke offers motorists in his police report in the B section of this week's issue.

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