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A special committee established by the Board of Regents found significant problems in the West Baltimore school's administration, student services and other areas. As a result, the committee has recommended drastic changes to address the problems.

University System of Maryland's top administrator said he was not surprised by a report on Coppin State University that found the school lacked leadership and accountability.

And mark his word, he said, those recommendations will be put into place. The Board of Regents held a special meeting on Wednesday to review the report, but it will not vote to officially accept the committee's report and recommendations until June 21. Kirwan said the board supports the plan.

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

important point, since the plan calls for radical changes that are likely to ruffle some feathers.

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under staffed.

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To fix that disconnect, the school will need to revise its academic programs, potentially consolidating or eliminating some, and restructure its administrative departments and faculty. Kirwan said that while some offices have too many people, others are Adidas Crew Neck Sweatshirt Mens

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

A group of Coppin staff and university system leaders, including Kirwan, will be tasked with devising a timeline Adidas Men Sweatshirt

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

Kirwan will be working with a group of stakeholders to establish a timeline for making the committee's recommended changes. The school will likely see some changes in the next few months, while others will take a year or longer.

Kirwan said that because the report offered so much detail and data about what is wrong, it will be an excellent road map for addressing the problems.

"This is not something that an individual on the campus would like to see change, this is something that will have the force of the Board of Regents behind it," Kirwan said.

"It's going to require hard decisions and tough actions to fully implement the findings," Kirwan said. "Whenever that occurs there's undoubtedly going to be push back."

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black

for making the changes and seeing them Nike Vapormax Flyknit Black through.

"I think the recommendations, if fully implemented, will be transformative for the institution," Kirwan said.

"I can't say I was particularly surprised by anything, but what made the report so valuable is that it wasn't anecdotal," said William E. "Brit" Kirwan, chancellor of the University System of Maryland. "It was based on real surveys and data collecting. It basically confirmed a lot of the impressions that have been out there."

´╗┐Coppin State changes will be made

For example, the report points out that over the last decade Coppin added 20 degree programs, increased faculty by almost 50 percent and grew its administration by 92 percent. Meanwhile enrollment declined 3 percent.

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