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Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

In the meantime, the board notified museums, art galleries and other public collectors that the artifact was available for purchase, and might qualify for a Movable Cultural Property Grant.

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

Mindful of how badly the Conservatives were (wrongly) beaten up during the last election for being cultural cheapskates, Heritage Minister James Moore was no doubt loath to have his administration bloodied again for not protecting an important Canadian phallic symbol.

country seemed willing to buy.

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

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Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

The family changed its mind after the museum refused to pay more than $1,500, and in fact strongly suggested the owners donate it for nothing.

´╗┐Conservatives' phallic faux pas

Forty odd years later, a Victoria art dealer got into the game. The relic was priced at $250,000 U. S. more than $300,000 Cdn. and was allegedly heading out of the country to an unnamed American purchaser.

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

However, the more recent history of the club does help to explain how the Harper government came to be beaten over the head with it.

What it was used for in ancient times is apparently a matter of some debate among ethnographers.

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

According to its website, the board has the power to keep an artifact in the country for two to six months if it is deemed to be of "outstanding significance and national importance."

According to a Globe Mail report, the relic is "similar to 35 stone clubs" discovered by a Tsimshian chief in 1898, seven of which later wound up in Canadian and American museums.

(Apparently the stone club has magical lobbying powers, because it was still under an export embargo at the end of 2008, a year or so after the review board's initial six month ban expired.)

The distinctly phallus shaped artifact described as a "stone club" is thought to have been fashioned by aboriginals or whomever was making stuff out of rock in northern British Columbia about 3,000 years ago.

Those are doled out by the Heritage Department from a budget of roughly $1.5 million a year, and are specifically "to assist with the purchase of cultural property in order to keep it in Canada."

On today's tour of the federal funny farm, we find Stephen Harper's government stubbornly refusing to spend more than $300,000 to save a 10 inch stone penis from American hands. Imagine.

A government official Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk says the word "assist" generally means paying half the purchase price.

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

of taxpayers' money on a stone penis that no one else in the Adidas Crewneck Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

The family members were apparently so enraptured by their rock relic that they immediately tried to hawk it to a B. C. museum.

According to reports, the relic is thought to have been discovered in the early 1960s by a man grading a road in the Skeena River region of B. C., and has been "held by his family ever since."

museums were apparently interested in acquiring the relic but, like 40 years ago, only if it didn't cost them anything.

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

While the relic looks as though it could have been a sex toy from the pre Duracell era, the Globe quotes experts speculating it was likely used to "dispatch slaves at potlatch ceremonies."

In 2007, the owners and their art dealer agent applied for an export permit, ultimately tossing the fate of the artifact into the lap of the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, a relatively obscure tribunal of the federal Heritage Department.

Instead, pressure mounted on the feds to cough up the whole asking price.

At the same time, the middle of an economic collapse didn't seem quite the right moment in history to be spending over $300,000 Adidas Pullover Grey

Exactly how the help was dispatched by 25 centimetres of stone phallus is not revealed and, frankly, we probably don't want to know.

Nike Air Vapormax Womens Uk

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