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´╗┐Cooke down for about six months

Minister Hutchings said, "We've been quite active in terms of the plan over the past year or so. After we completed our scientific work we went back and forth with the industry players who wanted some tweaks in the guidelines and we did that.

The Honourable Keith Hutchings, the provincial Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture said that a Bay Management Plan should be place by the end of the year.

Halse said that the fish that will be depopulated represents less than three percent of all of Cooke's fish in Atlantic Canada and Maine.

However, the company was informed recently that the rest of the several hundred thousand fish would have to be depopulated as well and will need to be sent to a rendering facility.

The reason for the downtime goes back to June when Cooke was informed that some of their fish in Hermitage Bay had contracted the Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA).

in Newfoundland."

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Nell Halse is a public relations official with Cooke Aqua Ltd.

September, and we're waiting to hear from them on this serious issue.

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Nike Air Vapormax Pink

Halse said that the company has been working aggressively with the province of Newfoundland for the development and implementation of a Bay Management Plan for the province.

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"It's certainly important for companies to adopt these protocols, and we do implement them even when there is no official regulation in place. However, there's a really important role for the government to play in this because an official Bay Management Plan that requires compliance by all companies is the only way these protocols are really going to work.

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"You need dedicated wharves for different activities, biosecurity protocols and vessel traffic needs to be controlled. All of these things need to be put in place to secure a long term future for the industry Adidas Sweatpants Joggers

"We urgently need this program before we can really manage ISA in Newfoundland. We need to see this happen, and we will be adjusting our stocking plans for the province until this is in place."

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Nike Air Vapormax Pink

She said, "We know from experience that you need to have three distinct bay areas, you need to be able to rotate your crop and you need to have a fallow period for individual farms and also for an entire bay area at the same time.

"This government is very supportive of the aquaculture industry, and we're willing to sit down with the players to get this plan in place in moving the industry forward."

Following strict protocols, and the direction of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the company depopulated two cages at the site hoping that the rest of the fish would escape the problem.

Halse said that the depopulation order by the CFIA means that the company has no market ready salmon to process in Newfoundland, and the company had to make the difficult decision to lay off its employees on a temporary basis.

Halse said, "Although this move will impact our employees, the bigger impact for us is that we have a break Hoodie Adidas Black

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"The last time we talked with the industry players was back in mid Boys Adidas Pants

Halse said that the company has not experienced an ISA case in New Brunswick since 2006 after a Bay Management Plan was put in place.

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in our processing in Newfoundland. However, we have a number of farms and processing plants in other areas of Atlantic Canada and Maine, so we should be able to meet the market demands Nike Air Vapormax Pink for our products."

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