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Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

During her sophomore year in college, she realized she didn't want to become a high school teacher or university professor, two of her likely career paths if she decided to earn a linguistics degree. So she turned to math and computer science, receiving a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics from Harvard and a doctorate in computer science from the University of Texas, Austin.

From her office at IBM's Almaden Research Center, perched atop the rolling hills in San Jose, she concluded, "I can't imagine choosing better."

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"She seemed to strike the right balance," as a manager, Widom said. "She wore two buttons. IBM, for one, has a larger percentage of female researchers than other universities and institutions, as well as a number of women in leadership and high ranking positions, she said. Haas also mentors other women in the field and speaks at local schools.

Laura Haas wishes more women would pursue a career in computer science. "It's a great job for women," she said. "Work life balance is not an issue. Working for a technology company, they really understand. You can work from home, you can work remotely. That's what technology is about, enabling these things."

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

Haas' work has led to recognition from her peers, including recently being elected to the National Academy of Engineering, a prestigious distinction awarded to engineers who have contributed greatly to their field.

She also knew another language, that of computers. When Haas was 11 years old, her father, a cognitive psychologist, taught her how to program a computer so that she could help him set up his experiments.

"My technical passion has been around information and using information and not just boring Sweatshirt Adidas Red

Rene Miller, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto, remembers meeting Haas in the early '90s when Haas took a sabbatical year at the University of Wisconsin. Miller was a graduate student at the time.

"She was a good example of someone who had a lot of respect from the community and people would listen to her and the advice she gave," Miller said.

"I think one of the most optimistic, hopeful things I've seen lately is you're going to laugh do you know what Barbie's new career is?"

information," Haas said. "Exciting information that can save lives because it's about somebody's physical health, or can make somebody's Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018 life a whole lot easier."

Haas, whose career has spanned more than 28 years at IBM, had first planned to study linguistics as an undergraduate at Harvard. She spoke French fluently and had also studied German, Latin and Hebrew in high school.

Jennifer Widom, chair of Stanford's computer science department, said she considers Haas one of the most influential people in her career. The two met during the late '80s at IBM, where Haas was her manager.

technology that helps sort, bring together, analyze and better understand data from all walks of life from photographs to medical charts.

Now an IBM Fellow and its director of computer science, she has spent the better part of her career researching and directing projects related to information integration. She works with Adidas Jackets Red And Black

´╗┐Computer engineer with IBM finds technical passion

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

to equip cardiologists with better tools and data to help diagnose their patients.

Nike Air Vapormax Off White 2018

Among her projects is technology that can help sort through the reams of data produced by financial institutions and other corporations to help find fraud and other discrepancies. IBM is also working with a California hospital Jackets Adidas Originals

Mattel Inc.'s latest doll is a computer engineer.

"You go, girl," said Haas, the mother of two grown sons. "Honestly, I think it's things like that that will help a lot. I think the whole environment just has to showcase women in engineering types of professions."

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