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Morgan Grant leads the aggregate with 22.7 seconds on two head and is the only cowboy with two times so far.

Proving he isn't just providing lip service, Cooper put his money where his mouth is and made the drive from Sikeston, Missouri to Hermiston, towing his best horse Big Slick across the nothingness of Nebraska, Wyoming and southern Idaho.

"The fans are great, they put on a great rodeo here in Hermiston and Iwant to give special thanks to all the committee and all the volunteers that make this possible. All's we have to do is show up and win. They do all the hard work for us so we appreciate it."

"Ilove to come up here," said the Decatur, Texas, roper. Adidas Sweatshirts Girls

It's just one point lower than last year's winning score, and came on the same horse.

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"I mean, you never know what you're going to get because some of them have been thrown down and some of them haven't."

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He's hopeful that will stick in the top eight by week's end and earn him a little more money towards his PRCA leading $83,957 in tie down, but he's not counting on it.

Team ropers, bull riders and barrel racers also took their turn on Wednesday, but those events finished too late for the East Oregonian's print deadline.

I was 18 years old," said the 23 year old back to back PRCAWorld Champion tie down roper. "I'd heard how great the Northwest was, and Iwon this rodeo my very first time out. I've always done good here at Hermiston. There hasn't been one year where I haven't done good here."

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit

Cooper also competed in team roping on Wednesday, but the event was not completed in time for inclusion in today's edition of the East Oregonian.

"You really got to have a good horse to win here," he said. "With bigger and stronger cattle your horse really comes into factor. That's why you've got to bring your best horse from 2,000 miles away."

As the last rider of the section, Breuer burst from the chutes atop Kesler Rodeo's Starburst and into the lead.

"The first place that these steers go to is Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Cheyenne is renowned for being one of the toughest rodeos there are because they bring in dead fresh steers that have never been touched before,"said 2011 Rookie of the Year steer wrestler Ty Erickson of Helena, Mont., whose 5.0 seconds in Wednesday's performance took the lead in Round 2. "Like at all the other rodeos they've been broken in a little bit but there they're walking fresh and then they come straight here.

With 43 rodeos scheduled this week around the country, it's the busiest time of the year for cowboys. But Cooper said there was never a chance he'd opt out of Hermiston Adidas Sweatpants Kids

"These are fresh ones. Literally this is their first rodeo,"he said. "It's old school. That's how they used to do it, that's how they've always done it here at Hermiston. And it's tradition so it's cool that they keep the tradition up and don't change their ways."

"That was the first one I've been on since about the 14th of July," he said. "Ikind of messed up my groin but I'm back healthy now and still need to go win a bunch to get into the finals. We're going to get 'er done."

"It's the first set, and obviously it's the biggest rodeo of the week, all the top cowboys are going to be here,"said Cooper, who trails only brother in law Trevor Brazile in the PRCA all around standings. "There's three sets of cowboys still to go and I'm thankful that Igot two calves captured and tied down right now, but it can't get any tougher than this year."

No offense to Kesler or Street Dance, but any Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit eight second ride would have felt good for Riddle right about now.

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"I've just seen (her)and always wanted to get on (her),"he said.

The tie down ropers aren't the only ones dealing with fresh cattle. The steers in Hermiston are more conditioned than the calves, but not by much.

Caine Riddle tied Casey Colletti for last year's FCPRtitle, and figured Breuer would have a shot to win after his ride went for just 81 points on the other defending champion horse, Kesler's Street Dance.

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit

"Iwas planning on winning first on (Street Dance)but she was a little weaker than she usually is,"said Riddle, who's hoping for a check that can move him up the PRCAleaderboard from the 36th spot he currently occupies. "Iought to get a check, it was good bareback riding."

The cattle in Hermiston really are bigger and stronger than in some of the recent stops on the PRCA circuit. The calves Cooper was tying on Wednesday were straight off the ranch.

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and the more than $200,000 total the rodeo pays to winners.

"This was my first rodeo in the Northwest. First time dropping down that big (Cabbage Hill) over there (east of Pendleton)scared the mess out of me when Adidas Grey Hoodie 3 Stripe

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit

Through two round of steer wrestling, there's still plenty of steers in the Hermiston pen that haven't been thrown down yet at least not at Farm City. Only 10 times were recorded between Wednesday afternoon's slack and the performance.

´╗┐Cooper counts FCPR among favorites

Cooper's win at the Wrangler Million Dollar Silver Tour stop came in his rookie season of 2008 when he tied Jeff Chapman with 17.8 seconds on two runs. On Wednesday he took the aggregate lead in the event with 19.5 seconds on two head at Farm City Arena.

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